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Our Effort on Designing a Sustainable World

Let's know more about BEAM

29th July, 2016

          Enoch Deco always treat sustainability as one of the crucial elements of interior design. We consistently put our effort on reducing the harm to the nature while improving interior environment. With the passion to take a big step towards sustainable world, our team is now attending BEAM introductory course organized by the Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited (HKGBC). 


          HKGBC is a non-profit, member led organization established in 2009 which strives to promote the standards and developments of sustainable buildings in Hong Kong.  It evaluates buildings and interior constructions and provides recognised applicants with ‘BEAM Plus’ which means the building has reached a certain green standard. The assessment of a building's performance covers different categories such as water use, indoor environment quality and energy use. 

          Through the energy management training, our team learnt a lot of energy saving skills. By attanding a sharing section, we also knew about the standard of BEAM and how the first building achieve BEAM. The attendance certificates are attached below. In future projects, Enoch Deco will utilize the new knowledge to design more green environment. 

Photo updated on 10th August: Certificate of Attendance for case sharing and energy management.

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