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We have signed up for 

the Energy Saving Charter on "No ILB"

17th August, 2016

Incandescent Light Bulb (ILB) is energy-inefficient. There is a general international consensus to phase out ILB for the purpose of energy conservation, energy efficiency and reduction on emission of greenhouse gases.

Launched by the Environment Bureau and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, the Energy Saving Charter on "No ILB" is to encourage participating suppliers and retailers to stop replenishing stock of targeted ILB and selling the targeted ILB by the end of 2013, and encourage participating users to refrain from procuring targeted ILB for general lighting purposes and adopt more energy-efficient lighting.

Enoch Deco have signed the Energy Saving Charter on ''No ILB'' and will strongly support the Charter. We are committed to promote greener lighting for conserving energy.

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