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Industry News- Pigment Store in Tokyo


4h April 2016

Design Concept: Pigment, an art-supply shop with 4,200 pigments as well as 600 paintbrushes and 50 types of rare glue for sale, were designed to showcase the tradition and techniques of Japanese-style painting, nihonga. The design is kept simple and focused on texture. Artisans from historic Kyoto sourced, treated, and configured the lengths of bamboo, giving the dynamic suspended canopy an undulating form that immediately warms up what had been a functional box, then extends outside to identify the shop to passersby. Designers have created a workshop feel by the narrow bamboo shelves holding thousands of pigment jars and the practical display of pigments and brushes. An art installation composed of washi paper enlivens a partition at the entry. But it’s the wall of pigments that’s the real showstopper showing the most fractional color differences and other metallics all in one place. 

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