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Interior design 

Workspace strategy 

Master planning 

Branded environment



Project management

Interior Design




Visual appeal is only one part of the puzzle. 


At Enoch Deco, we design environments that are not only visually impactful, but also improve how an organization operates. We know an inspiring space has a tangible impact on the user’s experience, and we envision designs that will improve employee engagement, reflect culture and brand, support recruitment and retention and more. We align our interior design solutions with each organization’s individual goals, using space as a tool to help optimize organizational performance.  

The key to our process is always putting people first. We begin every project by getting to know an organization from top to bottom, discovering its pain points, its needs and its goals to determine how we can use the built environment to enhance the user experience. The needs of the occupant drive our work, with our focus on creating environments that help improve how an organization functions on a daily basis. 

Collaboration is a critical component of all we do. We place a high value on relationships, from working together with clients, to collaborating across internal disciplines, to partnering with external consultants to help us enhance a project’s results. Our priority is producing the best solutions for a space, and we’re committed to assembling an exemplary, multi-disciplinary team for each and every project. 

Always keeping our clients’ unique needs top of mind, we go beyond the boundaries of ‘expected’ design solutions to develop customized, innovative answers for each client, supporting strategic goals with an eye on improving the bottom line. When your completed space is both beautiful and functional, we consider our mission accomplished. 

Workspace Strategy




The key to an organization’s success is its people. That’s why our Workplace Strategy Team is dedicated to helping our clients use the physical space as a tool to better support their organization’s strategy and needs. 

We begin by establishing ourselves as a trusted partner. From beginning to end, we collaborate with our clients, watching and listening to uncover their specific wants and goals for their space, often coming to know them better than they know themselves. Our extensive and comprehensive process includes both research and observation, considering all facets of a space – employee work styles, brand, culture and more – as we analyze a user’s existing environment. We dive deeply into an organization, using tactics like interviews and focus groups to uncover how people are working and how the workplace could better support them. We also consider corporate real estate and facilities strategies as we develop a thorough understanding of each client. 

Using our findings, we develop recommendations to meet the customized needs of each client and work in tandem with our interior designers to implement them in the built environment. Transformation is our ultimate goal, striving to help our clients bring about organizational change through the thoughtful and deliberate use of the built environment. 






When it comes to master planning, it’s all about location. For any project, you can’t just build the right premises - you need to find the ideal site for its occupants and users to thrive. Designing the right plan for a mixed-use or corporate campus environment requires design intelligence, a breadth of expertise and an ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders, all of which is found in the Enoch Deco team. Our depth of experience allows us to support a client from the initial conception of a Master Plan through the execution of the premises and public spaces that bring the plan to life. From residential and mixed-use neighborhoods to large corporate campuses, we’re a knowledgeable partner who can help clients determine how multiple workspaces and public spaces work together to create a compelling and thoughtful Master Plan, providing the right environment in the ideal location..






Does your space tell a story? More importantly, does it tell your story?

Much like the built environment can support and enhance an organization’s strategy, it also can be called upon to further communicate and reinforce one’s brand, both internally and externally. At Enoch Deco, we understand the built environment offers a three dimensional canvas for storytelling and messaging which can enhance the user and visitor experience.  

In a highly collaborative process, we work with our client partners to understand who they are and what they want their space to express. We tailor the manner in which these expressions are integrated into a space based upon each organization’s specific needs. 

Whether we are working within the guidelines of an existing brand or using the built space as inspiration to redefine it, we work strategically to visually communicate brand essence, informing occupants about your organization’s individual identity and creating meaningful, memorable experiences for all those who step foot in your space. Simply put, we’re here to help you put your best brand forward. 





For us, designing with the environment in mind is simply second nature. We’re passionate about helping our clients reduce negative impacts on the environment, while also improving the comfort of the occupants in their space. As such, we aim to integrate elements of green design into every project, but we always listen and work with our clients to first determine the right fit for their project requirements, whether that be third-party certification or a simpler sustainability strategy. 

Partnering with others is a natural part of the process for our team when it comes to achieving sustainability goals. Our team offers experience with all major certification systems, including BEAM PLUS, Energy Star, Enterprise Green Communities and Green Globes, giving us the right insight to help you determine the ideal sustainability strategy for your organization.  

From space planning to material selection and more, our team is committed to employing sustainable best practices to help create healthy, safe environments for our clients now and for future generations to come.  





We have the ability to deliver the whole package. We not only design spaces that are visually pleasing and have strategic impact, but we also have extensive knowledge in procuring furniture, fixtures and design essentials including artwork, finishes, fabrics, carpets, wallcoverings and more, to help our clients secure whatever they might need to create their ideal spaces. Our procurement services complement our existing interior design work by helping streamline the design and implementation process for clients who desire one cohesive team for the entire project. Always with our clients’ best interests – and budgets – in mind, we assertively negotiate to obtain the best value for each project, consistently meeting the highest standards to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide the finishing touches to enhance their spaces’ beauty and functionality. 

Project Management


Providing a cost effective and independent service, our project management team manages client input, correlates, integrates and co-ordinates the different disciplines and external expertise and resources to achieve the project objectives.

We have further enhanced these project management and support skills to also assist non-construction industry clients involved in such diverse projects as information technology, telecommunications, asset management, management of change and corporate re-organisation. Such projects, involving business, technical, financial, entrepreneurial and marketing skills can benefit from the project management approach to coordinating limited resources and achieving corporate objectives.

We have been providing project management services since 1999. Completed projects include, offices, residential apartments, industrial facilities and interior fitting out.

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