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Industry News- The Fiberglass Ceiling in Fashion Boutique


26th November 2014

Design Concept:

The idea of the floating, undulating canopy dominates the SND women’s fashion boutique in Chongqing, China. The designer imagined pulling down on a particularly elastic flying carpet when he started to sketch it, resulting a dynamic and instinctive curve. Layers of white fiberglass sheets descend from overhead to form cozy little spaces connected by a meandering path. Along the route, customers encounter the clothing and accessories, snuck into various folds. Hang bars hover. By suspending almost everything from a concealed framework, he freed up an expanse of reclaimed wooden floor planks—a stable anchor for the rolling form above. The undulations were influenced by the geography of Chongqing, known as the Mountain City and located at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers in southwestern China. The design might even be viewed as a diagram of that subconscious: the emotional ups and downs that he insists are important to the creative process. Whatever the inspiration of the canopy, it’s undoubtedly meant to attract attention amid uninspired surroundings.

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